Freezer ready meat by Chiltern Ridge

Freezer Ready Meat

We provide seasonal freezer ready meat including lamb and pork. Please contact us to check availability.

Freezer ready lamb

We run a flock of about 250 Texel and Texel cross ewes which we lamb in April and are run on an extensive system. No chemical fertilisers are used and medication is kept to a minimum.

They are mainly grass fed. Lambs are taken to the nearest slaughter house where they hang for a week. They come back jointed and wrapped, ready for your freezer.

Freezer ready welsh cross lop-eared pig

We run a small number of crossbreed welsh/lop-eared pigs in the Autumn. These pigs are extremely docile and are fattened on our apple pulp waste, an environmentally friendly approach as well as producing tasty pork.

Contact Us

Please contact us for price and availability of lamb, pork.