FAQs about Chiltern Ridge


We have a lot of frequently asked questions so we thought we might include some of them:

What are your opening times?

During our apple pressing season which runs mid/late August to beginning of December Mon – Sat from 9am to 6pm, Sun – 10am to 4pm

How do I know when fruit is ripe?

They should come away from the tree with only a slight twist. Cut the apple in half and check the pip, the browner the pip the riper the apple. Also do actually try the apple to see if it tastes ripe. Don’t forget that some apples ripen before others, the longer they are left on the tree the tastier the apple juice.

How many apples do I need for a 750 ml bottle?

Approximately 1.5kg per bottle or roughly about 12 tennis ball size apples. Or imagine the green crates in a supermarket like the ones they display the veg in, that will give you between 9 and 13 bottles.

Can you juice cooking apples?

Yes, you can. The juice will be sharper and most customer actually appreciate a slightly tarter juice.
Some customers also like to mix their cooking apples with either pears or other sweeter apples

Can I bring windfalls?

We can use clean and fresh windfall apples but not if they have fallen onto a gravel drive or path where they may pick up stones. Any apples with brown pulpy rot will have to be rejected.

What other fruit do you juice?

Eating apples, cooking apples and pears if they are mixed with apples only. A good mix for apples and pears is 50% 50%

Do you add anything like sugar or citric acid?

No. There is absolutely nothing added.

How long does the juice last for?

The best before date is 12 months and can be stored at room temperature. Once opened it should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.

Can you make cider?

We can juice the apples for you and provide you with fermenting buckets. You then take the freshly unpasteurised pressed juice home and you are in charge of fermentation.

What happens to the pulp?

Our pigs and sheep enjoy the pulp. Freezer ready pork and lamb is offered for sale. If you are interested, make sure you put your name on the “Freezer ready meat Contact List”.

Do you take empty bottles back?

Unfortunately, we cannot not re-use bottles as we don’t have the facilities to sterilise them. Please recycle them the conventional way.

Would you like your boxes back?

We welcome all our boxes back. Please do not use our boxes to transport your apples as the boxes get dirty and then not re-used. They can be brought back at any time even outside our apple juice season.

How do I pay?

Prices are as following:
Standard Labels £2.05 per bottle
Own Picture Labels £2.10 per bottle
Charity £1.85 per bottle

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