Further Information on Apple Juice

Further Information

Pick your apples when they are ready, they should come away from the tree with only a slight twist. Cut the apple in half and check the pip, the browner the pip the riper the apple. Also do actually try the apple to see if it tastes ripe. Don’t forget that some apples ripen before others, the longer they are left on the tree the sweeter the apple juice. You can bring eating apples and cooking apples.

We can use clean and fresh windfall apples but not if they have fallen onto a gravel drive or path where they may pick up stones.


When picking apples store them in breathable containers, such as secondhand fruit boxes from supermarkets, or plastic ventilated crates. This prevents premature spoiling of the fruit and makes for easier transportation and storage.


For one bottle of apple juice you need approximately 1.5kg or 10 large apples. 1 old fashioned mature tree can yield between 100-150 bottles. There is no minimum quantity needed, small batches below 100kg will have to be blended in with like-minded apples to make a press feasible. If you are planning a bulk pick, then contact us us to book you a production slot to ensure a fast turn around on your produce.

100% Natural Goodness

Our premises are registered with our local council’s Environmental Health Department and we follow the current food and hygiene rules and regulations. Don’t forget, please ask permission before you pick somebody else’s tree, if you are lucky they may even help you!