Artwork by Mary Pomeroy
Label up your own apple juice, excellent for gifts, parties etc.
Get the family involved
Juice from your own apples
Turn your apples in to your own personalised apple juice!

After seeing all our apples fall to the ground and go to waste year by year we started to process small amounts for ourselves and for our local school as a fundraising event. The apple juice is extremely popular and so we decided to extend our production so that we can offer it to anyone.

This is how it works:
  • Check the apples are ripe, the pips should be nice and dark
  • Once ripe, pick the apples and drop off at any time
  • We wash the apples and put through a chipper
  • We place the pulp in a belt press
  • We add absolutely nothing else!
  • We flash pasteurise the juice and bottle immediately
  • We label, batch and date all bottles
  • You collect your apple juice at agreed time
  • You drink and enjoy for the next 12 months!
For this service we charge 1.70 per 750ml bottle including providing your own personalised label. For very ink intensive labels (e.g. incl. photos) we charge 5p extra per label. We accept Card Payment, Cheques and Cash.

There are no additives and the juice is made only from the apples supplied. The sweetness and taste completely depends on the taste of the actual apple.

Turn waste into taste!
We are open 7 days a week, Mon - Sat from 9am to 6pm and Sun from 10am to 4pm during our apple pressing season. This normally runs mid/late August to late November/beginning of December but call us to see if we have opened earlier due to change in season or email us for more details.

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